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Over the Mountain Speech is a leading provider of speech and language therapy as well as tutoring in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Speech/language Evaluations:  A comprehensive assessment of articulation (speech sounds), language (comprehension and verbal expression), fluency (stuttering), and/or voice.  This will include standardized testing, observation through interaction, and parent/teacher reports, if available.

Speech/language therapy:  Goal-directed intervention to address problems with areas identified through the evaluation  as listed above.

Preschool Speech/language, Hearing, and Vision Screenings:  We come to you!  This program, designed especially for children ages 3 and older, will provide parents with information about their child’s speech and language skills as compared to other children the same age, as well as information about hearing and vision abilities.

Parents are given the opportunity to decide whether or not their children participate in the screening process.  Results are sent home that day.  This is great for peace of mind as well as for giving direction to the parents of children who are identified as at risk in any of the screening areas.

Tutoring:  Specialized instruction in reading, math, and core subjects conducted by certified teachers.

Staff Development:  Professional development for preschool teachers  and child care professionals to address communication development in the preschool years.

Topics include:

  • Language Development in the Preschool Years
  • The Language and Reading Connection
  • Speech Development in the Preschool Years
  • Classroom Management with the Language Delayed Child
  • Sign Me Up!  Signing with Infants and Toddlers
  • Effective Strategies for Communicating with Parents
  • Speech and Language Q & A:  What do you need to ask about specific children?

Consultation Services:  Professional assistance for parents and teachers in planning for the needs of children with communication delays.